Here we have a ready-made template of a website that is called Alen`s. The first thing that attracts the attention of visitors it’s the layout of the page. In this case, we wanted to create something sophisticated, elegant and delicate.

The color scheme of the template fully reflects our idea. The combination of a pleasant, refined and elegant pink gray creates a unique atmosphere and greatly pleasing to the eye. The very texture of the background and a picture gives a sense of sophistication and romance.

This design solution is an excellent choice for a wedding photography agency, for example. Our aim was to create very beautiful and romantic atmosphere that can complete that wedding spirit that is on photos. Our team tried not only to display the environment of the romance. We were also trying to show the high level of the photographer.

Of course, the main role in the web page plays a responsive design of the structural elements of the future site.

It is essential that all the structural units of the page (sections, subsections, and other elements) should be absolutely clear and easy to use. That is our primary goal.

Carrying out site design of “Alen`s”, we were trying to make it as some kind of magazine or catalogue, where all the elements are good seen and accessible. For this reason, creating the template “Alen`s”, we have tried to design it very accessible and simple but also original at the same time. Such design of the site makes it very comfortable for looking through the page with use of mobile phone.


In that case, if you are interested in this design, we are always ready to re-create it on your site, by amending your will if it is necessary.

We also provide hosting of your site, domain support and other. If to speak about the creation of web-pages, we work primarily with HTML/HTML5 ,  CSS/CSS3 and WordPress that allow you to create a full-fledged high-level site.