We offer the ready-made templates for creating the sites. In this case, you can order the creation of a web page with a unique design “Bonnaq” that is suitable for some kind of menu.

Unusual, bright design, with the pleasant color scheme at the same time, makes this simple template the best solution to create different and unique directory pages for restaurants and cafes. This is a design of a business card for the extraordinary and modern humans that have a desire to highlight the level of their restaurant. Lightweight and unobtrusive structure of the web site is able to display the advantages and highlight the most powerful sides of your company in the best way. “Bonnaq” is the best solution for all kinds of cafes that have a service of delivery.

We are ready, if it is necessary, make any adjustments to the design of the electronic page according to your choice.

A particularly important role in the design of the e-page of “Bonnaq” is played by the structural elements and their position.

It is convenient site management that allows to get an easy access to any information. This fact will please the users of the site and will show you in a good light. Thus, you will get not only beautiful, but also functional site that will be worthy of your calling card company.

If you wish, we can change the color scheme and layout of the structural elements, retaining the overall theme of the template. So you get a unique and unusual site, which will have the usual structure at the same time. If to speak about everything else, you have nothing to worry about.


If you have a desire to create your own website, then you need to contact the experts who is able to code files from PSD into HTML, knows the CSS and WordPress. Such experts are the employees of our studio. We have considerable experience of working with the sites and we are ready to provide you our assistance.

We guarantee the full support for the site after its launch. This will save you from great amount of troubles, because we will take all the worries about the effectiveness of the web page.